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Transforming Physical Spaces into Digital Models

We provide advanced 3D scanning solutions for a wide range of industries, including Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Transforming Physical Spaces into Digital Models

We provide advanced 3D scanning solutions for a wide range of industries, including Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

We provide advanced 3D scanning solutions for a wide range of industries, including Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

We provide advanced 3D scanning solutions for a wide range of industries, including Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Flexible Formats

We offer both comprehensive fieldwork services and versatile file conversion capabilities, along with raw 3D scan and point cloud data, tailored to your needs. Choose to receive processed data or raw scans and point clouds, with or without registration, as per your project requirements. Our services extend to converting scan and point cloud data into various formats including E57, widely used in industrial 3D scanning and Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC). Formats such as DWG and DXF for CAD applications, as well as BIM-compatible formats like IFC, RVT, and ready-to-download BIM models are also available.

Scan to BIM

Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services include advanced 3D scanning that is fully compatible with Revit, ensuring seamless integration with BIM processes. We provide detailed and accurate scans covering all Levels of Development (LOD), from LOD 100 to LOD 500. This compatibility with Revit enhances the precision and utility of our scans, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient incorporation into your BIM workflow for optimal project management and execution.

MEP Scan to BIM

Our 3D scanning services offer comprehensive solutions for MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) systems, providing detailed documentation essential for retrofitting, maintenance, and design validation. With precise scans, we facilitate effective clash detection, enabling the early identification of design conflicts in MEP systems. This proactive approach aids in preventing construction delays and reducing additional costs, ensuring a smoother, more efficient project workflow.

​At KM3DSCAN, we offer specialized 3D scanning services for renovation projects. Our advanced technology captures precise details of existing structures, aiding in efficient renovation planning. These scans identify potential challenges early, saving time and cost over traditional surveying. With KM3DSCAN, architects and engineers can transform buildings with accuracy and innovation, ensuring each renovation project is a step towards modern excellence.


Our 3D scanning services are particularly adept at handling large items and structures with precision and detail. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our team is proficient in digitizing a vast array of industrial assets, from towering silos and expansive pipelines to intricate machinery setups. This high-resolution data capture is essential for various applications, including construction planning, facility management, inspection, and preservation of structures. By providing detailed, accurate models, we support our clients in their efforts to manage complex projects efficiently and effectively.

Large Structure

If you need an accurate estimate of a material pile, our 3D scanning service is the solution. We meticulously scan each pile, measuring its exact dimensions to calculate volume, density, and mass. This process is crucial for resource management, inventory control, and planning purposes. Our advanced technology ensures precise data, helping you make informed decisions based on the actual characteristics of the material, be it in construction, manufacturing, or any other industry requiring material quantification. Trust our service for reliable and detailed material estimates.

Volume, Density and Mass Estimate

How We Work

Our process begins with a detailed understanding of your project's specific priorities, objectives, and challenges, as well as your timeline and budget constraints. We'll craft a tailored proposal that addresses these unique needs. Recognizing that each scanner has its distinct capabilities and limitations, we place great emphasis on selecting the optimal scanner to ensure the highest quality and precision for your application. Our commitment is to provide a solution that precisely aligns with your project's requirements, guaranteeing both efficiency and satisfaction.

Civil Engineer Surveying

Who Are Our Clients

At KM3DSCAN, we cater to a diverse range of clients, each with their unique requirements and challenges. Our expertise in 3D scanning is utilized by various industries and professionals, including:

  • Industrial Plants: Our 3D scanning services are essential in the maintenance, expansion, and modernization of industrial facilities. KM3DSCAN provides detailed scans that aid in the precise planning and execution of industrial projects.

  • Facility Owners and Managers: We empower facility professionals with accurate 3D models, facilitating efficient space management, renovation planning, and maintenance.

  • Engineering Consultants: KM3DSCAN assists engineering consultants in acquiring precise measurements and detailed models for design work, ensuring accuracy and reducing on-site visits.

  • General Contractors: For general contractors, our technology streamlines construction processes, enabling accurate project planning, risk management, and effective stakeholder communication.

  • Subcontractors: We provide subcontractors with precise data for installations, custom fabrications, and renovations, ensuring their work integrates seamlessly into larger projects.

Sample Project

Year Completed: 2022

SRY Rail Link 
Enginuity Consulting


The 3D Scan Report by KM3DSCAN for a project at 10619 Surrey Road, BC, documents a detailed analysis of an asbestos-containing AVR Unit. Key aspects include precise measurements of five distinct piles (A to E) with total volume at 2913.96 cubic meters and a combined mass of 942,819 Kg. The report highlights the challenges in estimating densities due to material inconsistencies, particularly for mixed material piles A and B. Despite access issues, notably with Pile B, the team achieved a high level of accuracy in volume estimations. The report combines visual representations with data tables, underscoring our expertise in conducting comprehensive 3D scans in complex environments.

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